February 2, 2014

Baby Shower

|  Matt holding his 1 week old nephew  |
|  32 Weeks  |
This weekend my mother-in-law threw a lovely baby shower for me and we had the bonus of meeting our week old nephew!  Matt and I grilled the new parents with all kinds of questions and then basically sat and stared at our new nephew.  It's amazing how a tiny sleeping baby can entertain an entire room full of people.  Seeing this precious new life made us even more excited for our little guy!

Thank you to all of the ladies who threw such a special shower for baby Smith & I!  


  1. Ok Kelly you are totally adorable! Love the name. Barb

  2. You look amazing Kel, and your shower looked great x

    1. Thanks so much :) Yes, the shower was full of love! xo

  3. You look so great! And what a cute shower.

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