February 1, 2013

Green Tea

I love to drink green tea, so when I discovered another use for it - I couldn't help but try it right away.  According to Eco Beauty (a book written by a mother and daughter who are from my home town), green tea works great as a natural skin toner.  I am always looking for ways to improve my skin so I followed the simple instructions:

Boil water
Place tea bag in a bowl
Pour boiling water into bowl 
Let steep for 2 to 3 minutes then remove tea bag
Let water cool completely
Dip cotton ball into tea water and apply to face   

I love how simple and easy this home-made toner is and wanted to share...  Enjoy!


  1. Kelley, is it possible to make one batch on a Monday and use it throughout the rest of the week? Or do they recommend making it each day so it's fresh?

    1. Hi Natalie!

      That is a great question! The instructions said to put the green tea toner into a bottle / container with a lid so I am assuming that you can use the toner for at least a few days, but I am not sure how long it lasts for. I did a little research and one source said it was good to keep for a week. I would discard it after that and make a fresh batch!

  2. I love finding natural remedies rather than dry out my face with alcohol based products.

  3. And have you noticed a difference in your skin?

  4. oh i'm totally going to try that! i've been drinking a lot of it because i've been feeling under the weather