October 3, 2012


To celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary, we made a last minute decision to book a cozy cottage in Sunriver, OR!  By last minute, I mean just a couple hours before we left... because why would you plan ahead, when you can wait until the last minute?  Keeps life exciting that way, I guess.  For the record, that isn't my motto.  I am so glad we decided on Sunriver for the weekend - it was the perfect mix of relaxation and fun.  Bike rides along the river and through the woods.  Enjoying wine in front of a wood burning fireplace.  Sunriver is a gorgeous community in central Oregon that I highly suggest visiting! 


  1. Sunriver is the perfect destination for relaxation and fun in Oregon. Glad you had a good two year anniversary there! :)

  2. Hope you had a great anniversary. Looks wonderful.

  3. Sounds fun! I haven't been to Oregon yet. It's a shame! I really want to visit!

    And last minute getaways are the most romantic ones ;)

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