October 16, 2012

Looking Towards

When fall comes around, I naturally start to transition my mindset from light food and bright colors of summer to comfort food and cozy clothing.  I instantly begin seeking out inspiration for new recipes that feature seasonal fall fare, outfits for cooler temps, and basically anything that will comfort me in the cold and rainy days to come.  The first item on my fall list is always a pumpkin spice candle to warm up my home.  Here is what I am currently inspired by for fall...
|  Burgundy Leather Bags  | 
|  Tortoise Shell Sunglasses (for when the sun comes out... even if only for 5 minutes) + Patterned Pillows  |

What are your Autumn inspirations?


  1. I'm right there with ya, Kelley! There is nothing more cozy than a fall candle, a warm drink & a comfy blanket. The weather out there right now happens to make all of these even more perfect, too :)

  2. I spent the last 2 years living on the equator and while I loved the hot weather I had no idea how much I missed autumn! I'm loving the days where I can curl up in a sweater with a latte and a good book!

  3. That pizza looks so yummy!! I'm all about "fall" foods! I just bought some pumpkins bagels yesterday that I'm excited to try with cinnamon butter!

  4. I have always been amused to be here....simply an awesome post..

  5. Oh my! Those brownies! Coming from Brazil, fall in California is always very inspiring. The weather is good, you can dress up a bit and you can still do outdoor activities, but you can also cozy up on the couch with your love. It's the perfect time!

  6. That pizza looks unbelievable :)

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