September 17, 2012


Two years ago today, I ran through the rain in my wedding dress and got totally soaked.  On any normal day, this would have left me in a total state of panic.  However, this wasn't just any normal day.  This was my wedding day and I was running hand in hand with my soon-to-be husband.  I wasn't going to let any rain ruin my wedding day - even it was supposed to be outdoors.  This calmness came over me and I no longer felt worried about how the day would go.  This feeling still rings true in our daily lives.  When Matt tells me he is going to take me on some crazy adventure or take a complete risk and apply for a new job that will lead us to who knows where -  I am at ease.  I don't worry much about it.  We are in this together and we will face whatever challenges life throws our way, together.  

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to my husband -  I am so lucky to travel through life with you! 


  1. Happy Anniversary to you two lovebirds!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you guys! Running through the rain in your wedding dress together sounds pretty romantic to me! :)

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