September 18, 2012

Summer Snapshots

poolside watermelon margarita + cafe lights in the backyard
fun wedding decor + pretty cocktails
hand-picked berries
timbers game + homemade sangria
santa cruz boardwalk + watermelon on the porch
the beach + family vacation
dancing at weddings + flowers from weddings
planting succulents + eating cherries
brides + bows
light snacks + planting flowers
hydrangea from the yard in a box my dad made + hanging out with this cute guy
bikes rides + playing in lavender
I'm a summer girl.  Nothing makes me happier than sunshine and blue skies.  I don't complain when it's hot out - I prefer it that way.  Summer is vibrant, fresh and full of life.  I suppose the same could be said about any season, but I think these photos speak for themselves.  Just looking at them makes me happy.  With the official start of Autumn right around the corner - I wanted to reminisce and savor some memories from this summer.  Fresh picked fruit, drinks with fresh picked fruit, the outdoors, flowers, weddings, dancing, the beach... the list goes on and on.  This summer was a blur, but thankfully these snapshots serve as joyful little reminders.
What is your favorite season?


  1. This is such a happy, pretty much as I adore fall, I really LOVE summer and I'm sad to see it end...thanks for sharing these lovely photos! xo

  2. Agreed, its such a pretty post! And you look so gorgeous in all of your pictures. I wish my boyfriend would dance with me at weddings.

    PS: the puppy is just tooo adorable!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more - SUMMER is my favorite too!!
    And these pics have made me wanting Summer even more - bring on November!

  4. gorgeous pictures! look like a lot of summer fun. and you always look gorgeous and elegant.

  5. These are such great shots! It's makes me a tiny bit sad summer is coming to an end. I love love summer but it's so incredibly hot here in AZ so I'm looking forward to Fall!

  6. Lovely pictures! I specially like the one of you and your husband dancing at the wedding! And watermelon margarita.. yum! I'm yet to try that one.

  7. Fun pictures! And a watermelon margarita sounds absolutely amazing.

  8. what an incredible summer!! and i love all the pics!! i miss summer already, but i am definitely excited about fall too :) xoxo

  9. i'm a summer girl, too, for suuure! and all these happy photos make it so hard to let it go!

  10. beautiful snapshots - this looks like you had a great summer! I love the dancing photo, looks like a fun time:) I would say summer and spring - something about everything being "new" again is beautiful!