July 30, 2012

Bachelorette Weekend

My sister-in-law is getting married in a few weeks (yay!) and for her Bachelorette party, we decided on a weekend getaway to beautiful Bend, Oregon.  I always love an excuse to create a fun invitation, so I made this invite that I emailed to all of the girls.  For those of you interested in spending a weekend away in Bend, here is what we did and what I recommend:
+ We stayed at the swanky Oxford Hotel
+ Enjoyed complimentary bikes that we rode to breakfast at The Victorian Cafe
+ Scenic hike to the spot where my sis-in-law was engaged
+ Toured bend on Cycle Pub -- so much fun
+ Appetizers and drinks at 900 Wall
+ Followed by a yummy dinner at Zydeco
From bike riding to breakfast, followed by a beautiful hike and even more cycling on Cycle Pub -- it was a pretty active Bachelorette party.  This gave us all the more reason to indulge in some great food!  To top it off, the weather was sunny and warm the entire time.  This made me realize that I need to visit Bend more often... Or move there.

One more thing:  my friend, Colleen featured a couple of photos from our Kauai trip over on her blog


  1. Bend is a great place to live! I love it here! Come back & visit anytime :) Glad you enjoyed your time here!

  2. The invitations are so beautiful!

  3. This sounds like such a perfect bachelorette weekend! The invitation is beautiful, too!