June 25, 2012


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I've been into pink for a few months now and my obsession isn't letting up.  From pastel pink, bright fuchsia and even pink's with a hint of purple - I love it all.  I guess this comes as a surprise considering I went through an anti-pink phase for the majority of my life after it was my favorite color (and nearly every girl's favorite color) at the age of 5.  Are you "yay" or "nay" for pink?  Just a trend or here to stay?   


  1. i love it too! such a pretty colour on the lips. so romantic!

  2. I love pink lips! But no matter how many different types of pink I try, it just doesn't look good on me...I guess I'll just have to stick with my red, and let everyone else wear pink :)


  3. I love the color in the first and last photos! Out of this collage, they would be my two picks! Clinique has chubby sticks in watermelon (shade) and it's just pink enough. I love it for the summer!

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  4. I say it's a yay! #3 looks like the perfect shade!

  5. Love the pink. I totally can't pull it off, but I love it on others. So fun!