June 18, 2012

The Graduate

My little (big!) bro graduated from college this weekend and the family gathered in celebration.  I love an excuse to celebrate and the little joys that go along with it.
{Proud Parents}  
My dad and his video camera + my mom yelling & waving to my bro from way high up in the stadium = priceless.  
The First Lady Michelle Obama gave the commencement address at Oregon State!  Her wise words were inspirational and had me on the edge of my seat / in tears, which I have to admit is a first for graduation speeches.  It was such an honor to have this opportunity!  Watch her speech HERE.  
A celebration is never complete without pretty flowers and cupcakes! 
Congratulations, Mike!


  1. Wow congratulations to your brother! Looks like so much fun and those cupcakes look so good! Cannot believe Michelle Obama did the speech! That is CRAZY!

  2. Congrats to your brother! Love the photos and it looked like you had a lovely time :)

  3. Thanks for sharing that speech; it was amazing! & YAY for Mike!!

  4. awe so fun! my little (big) brother just graduated from high school. such a special time! congrats to your brother!