May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

{Mom}  She is much more than just the mother of this family of four.  The one and only person in this world who I can talk to on the phone at least 5 times a day about anything and everything.  The most wise woman I know.  Patiently listens to my selfish conversations about how hard my day was.  Loves me matter what I say or do.  The most hard working woman I know, who never complains.  She is positive.  Beautiful.  Patient.  She is my best friend.

{Mother-In-Law}  She welcomed me into her family with open arms.  Hands down, the most generous woman I know.  She is kind hearted.  I admire her ability to always see the best in everyone.  Her love for life and adventure is inspiring.  She has fought a tough battle over the past year and never once, did I hear her complain.  She radiates warmth and love.  Always putting others before herself.

Thank you to the beautiful mothers in my life for all that you do.  To all of the mothers out there, enjoy your day! 


  1. You are so truly blessed, Kelley to have such sweet Moms :)

  2. Beautiful! I love reading all the mother day's posts out their today... Where would we all be without them? :)

  3. I love you Kelley!! Mom