December 15, 2011

Handmade Gifts

Rather than share a gift guide of items that you can purchase for loved ones, I wanted to share gift ideas that you can make with your very own hands.  Picking out and giving a gift is a generous offer, but taking the time to hand make a gift for someone you love is extra special.  Put on some Christmas tunes and start crafting!  Here are some fun ideas:
Hot Chocolate Mix
Teacup Candle
Braided Fabric Bracelet
Coaster Set
Earring Holder

Wine Bag

Do you have any handmade gift ideas?  


  1. I made candles in teacups this year for Christmas presents - they turned out so cute :)

  2. I'm in the (very messy) process of making succulent orbs - they're a lot of fun and will look really pretty hanging in my friends' and family's windows!

  3. Great blog and pics:)
    Kisses from New York:)

  4. The hot chocolate mix is adorable! I'd love to receive that as a gift and it would be a fun thing to make for someone :)

  5. I just made some hot chocolate mix jars to give away. It was so easy, but homemade gifts always feel so much nicer to give.

    xo L.

  6. I LOVE the hot chocolate mix and the coasters.

  7. That hot chocolate mix looks so yummy!! My friends are doing a "craft" xmas exchange- so I need to think of something fun like this :) thanks for sharing !!have a good holidays!