June 13, 2011

Color Combo

Hi y'all!  I'm back from the great town of Nashville!  Thanks for your sweet comments :) 
Photos from the trip coming soon, so stay tuned.  
In the meantime, I leave you with some eye candy to start your week off...
Camel is one of my favorite neutrals.  Paired with a pop of coral and an accent of gold -  
you've got yourself a glamorous combination perfect for summer.

What color combo do you currently crave?

images from top left to bottom right:


  1. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE these colors!!! :-) I had coral the basis of our wedding! It's so beautiful!

  2. so so lovely! Kinda like your whole blog...so much pretty everywhere! I'll def. be following :)

  3. Oh goodness I am swooning over everything I see...your layout, this pretty font & coral!! I'm in love :) Sooo fun! And coral is so perfect for summer, it has been my favorite color to wear lately!


  4. I'm currently craving that color combo after seeing your board! Lovely!

  5. beautiful! Love that Balenciaga bag in that color!

  6. Coral is definitely my colour. I love your combo, definitely one that you should mix with Camel - Gorgeous!

    Check here for an award listing when you get a chance:http://thecolorofourskin-ourjourney.blogspot.com

    Stay well.

  7. Such a stunning colour combo! If only I could convince one of my brides to use this for her big day :)

  8. One of my favorite color combos! I just love the joyful colors and the pretty gold acting as the neutral to balance it out!