May 23, 2011


As I was browsing through my daily dose of blogs, 
I came across something that I literally gasped at.  This.
 As I made obvious in my Royal Wedding post - I was super excited for the Royal Wedding and stayed up to watch the whole shindig.  While watching Will & Kate's wedding, I felt like a giddy little girl watching a Disney movie.  It seriously brought me back to my childhood.  Seeing Kate's gorgeous gown, the ringing bells as Kate got out of the car, the outrageous hats.  It didn't seem real.  It seriously felt like a fairytale.  Then I saw Beatrice and Eugenie and those hats they were wearing.  It wasn't just the hats, but something about Beatrice's dark eye makeup and the lack of smiling that made me blurt out, "they look like the mean step-sisters from Cinderella."  Sorry, but yeah - I said that.  Seriously, I said that.  Apparently they dressed for that very role because as you can see, they matched the step-sisters from Cinderella perfectly. How crazy that the colors of each dress are exactly the same?  Weird.  
I just had to share my excitement with you. 

*Update - the images shown above from Cinderella, have been photoshopped.  The original images:  


I still think the comparisons are oddly similar! 


  1. Yess!! I thought the same thing! When I was watching the royal wedding on tv, I said to my mother: "look! These sisters are so similar to the Cinderella's sisters...", really weird.

    Kisses xXx

  2. Hahaha this is so funny! Can't believe you made that connection, they are identical!

  3. Although I love that comparison as well, the Cinderella photos you show were changed with photoshop to match the womens' outfits. If you look at Cinderella, you will see that even her hair has been changed to match Kate's.