April 21, 2011

Spicy Stuffed Yellow Chili Peppers

All of the credit for this recipe goes to my parents who re-created the stuffed pepper recipe after trying it at some hole in the wall restaurant near Palm Springs.  My mom whipped up these peppers for us and after one bite, I needed the recipe.  I made the stuffed peppers myself and took notes to share with you all.  Here it is:

8 yellow chili peppers
8 - 10 raw medium shrimp
1 cup cooked jasmine rice
1/2 cup shredded pepper jack cheese
1 lemon
Soy Sauce for dipping 
Mayonnaise for dipping

Start cooking the rice, get out the yellow chili peppers and preheat the oven at 450 degrees
Slice the yellow chili peppers down the middle (on one side of the pepper)

Remove all of the *seeds and place them on a cookie sheet (*seeds are hot) :
 Bake them in the oven for about 10 minutes or until they are soft and look like this:
 Now get out your raw shrimp and peel:
 Then dice the shrimp into tiny pieces:
 Pour some olive oil into a skillet and cook shrimp:
 While the shrimp is cooking, shred the pepper jack cheese:
Once the rice and shrimp are cooked, mix them together with the cheese:
Stuff peppers with the rice, shrimp, cheese mixture:
Place the peppers in the oven for about 15 minutes and get out these ingredients:

I know what you are thinking, but believe me when I say that these odd ingredients are what make this dish simply amazing.   Remove the peppers from the oven.  Squeeze lemon juice and drizzle soy sauce on each pepper and dip in mayo for a hot and spicy stuffed pepper.



  2. Mm those look so simple and tasty!
    Thank you!!


  3. Looks really tasty. I would love to eat it now. I love shrimp on top of that. You have a nice blog. Maybe we can follow each other?

  4. oooh wow, this looks sooo good! I am hungry now. =)

  5. this looks so spicy and delicious! reminds me of the mouth watering bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers with stuffed cream cheese. it's delicious!

  6. Oh my. I'm drooling! I can't wait to try these!

  7. Thank you for the recipe. We love these at El Mexicali Restaurant on Indio (east of Palm Springs). It is a "hole in the wall", right on the railway tracks but the owners and people are so friendly. Oprah eats there!

  8. whennerdmetnerdierMay 31, 2011 at 9:39 AM

    Kelley - I tried this recipe a few weeks back and it was de-licious!! Although I think my mouth is still burning from those peppers. I didn't use mayo and now I'm thinking that would've helped with the spiciness a ton!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I did it with sausage replacing the shrimp, It was amazing. Thank you so much for the great idea. Will look at your recipes first from now on.

  10. I can't even thank you enough for posting this! I live in San Diego but have a house in Palm Desert, and every time I am there I go to Mexicali Cafe for these Guerritos!! Everytime I've tried to recreate the recipe it never turns out right... can't wait to try this one!!!!

  11. El Mexicali is such a cool and crazy little place, right up against the train tracks. The building literally shakes when the Amtrak roars by. Food is GREAT though and these chiles are my favorite thing there so I can't wait to try them at home. Thanks so much for figuring them out.

  12. Yellow Chilis are not hot though...so I have been told...

  13. My wife and I had these chili pepper appetizers at both el Mexicali resturants in Indio in February, 2012. Couldn't get enough of 'em! I don't recall that they had rice or cheese in them, though. Seemed like shrimp only. Anyone have any ideas about herbs and/or spices for this dish?

    1. I agree! i had amazing shrimp stuffed yellow peppers at "Fresh Agave" in Palm Desert, on the 111--sort of near Monterey. I am going to try to duplicate them,, but I don't have high hopes--those were "magical!" They only had shrimp inside, I think. May have to go back to really analyze them! Or bribe the chef for the recipe1


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