April 19, 2011

DIY: Reupholster a Seat Cushion


1.  I selected an upholstery fabric from the craft store and removed the seat cushion from the chair.  I left the existing fabric on the seat cushion and placed the new fabric over to keep this project quick and easy.  (If you do this, make sure you cannot see the old pattern through the new fabric).  I made sure that the pattern was centered on the seat cushion and pulled the fabric taut over the edges of the cushion.  I stapled each of the four opposite sides of the fabric to the frame.  I continued pulling the fabric taut as I stapled around the entire frame.

2.  Once I stapled the fabric around the entire frame, I made sure the fabric was securely stapled and trimmed the extra.  The cushion is then screwed into the chair from the bottom.  *Make sure your screws are not too long, otherwise they will go through the plywood and poke you!


Photos taken by Kelley


  1. So cute Kell! Love the new pattern :)

  2. Cool, this sounds much simpler than I'd always imagined : )

    How do you attach the cushion onto the chair? Do you glue it? (I'm assuming you don't nail it from the bottom... heehee)

  3. Thank you! Great question, April. I just updated the post :)

  4. Cute material! I do this all the time and i love how easy it is. it totally works for the fact i change my mind all the time about what material I want on my chairs :)

  5. Thats like the cutest chair.
    Good Job!


  6. Ah! Kelley hands! I miss those hands! They are the best! Cute chair!

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