April 5, 2011

DIY: Mercury Glass


Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Spray Paint
Lamp (Ebony) Black Acrylic Paint
Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint
Metallic Silver Acrylic Paint
Sponge (cut into small pieces)
Cotton Swabs
Cotton Pads
Clear glass candle holder

1.  Spray the "looking glass" paint on the inside of goblet.  Spray the bottom of stem base and lightly spray the stem as well.  *Note:  with Looking Glass Mirror-like paint you must paint the reverse of the side that will be showing.  Spray 5 very thin coats, allowing 1 minute between coats.  Paint sprays dull, but reverse side has mirror-like effect.

 2.  This next part is very tedious and takes patience!  Dip the piece of cotton in the acrylic paint, switching off between metallic gold, metallic silver and black.  Dab the inside of the goblet to remove patches of the spray paint.  Repeat until you have the desired look.  Next, dip the sponge in acrylic paints and "sponge" the inside of the goblet to add some color.  Sponge the stem and bottom of the goblet as well. I used mostly gold and black for the sponge effect.  Once paint has dried, repeat the process of removing paint from the stem and bottom of goblet.



 I placed a votive candle in each goblet and plan to use them as candle holders.

Photos taken by Kelley.


  1. Loving the DIY mercury glass - thanks for sharing.

  2. Those look awesome!! You're so creative, Kel!

  3. Oh my gosh I love this! I absolutely adore the look of mercury glass... and am a HUGE fan of DIY stuff! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. those look amazing!!! would you want to do a guest post over on my blog with these to share?

  5. Those look fantastic!! What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow! Kelley you are a rock star! You are the Queen of DIY!

  7. wow impressive, those came out great!


  8. Gosh, between this and the dresser, you are the MASTER at making things look perfectly tarnished! Loving these DIY tutorials : )

  9. I love this Kelley!! I'm going to have to try this out!!

  10. Kelley- I gave you a call out on my blog post. I have been on a quest for the perfect (as in easy with awesome results) technique for making realistic mercury glass. I am going to try your technique tonight. Thanks so much!

  11. Can you make a YouTube Video PLZ!!

  12. Saw some beautiful candler holders done like this at the store today and wanted to make my own - Yours are Gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing!!

  13. I absolutely love the way your pieces turned out! they have so much more depth than any other pieces I have seen! But, my apologies, I am a little confused by your step 2.

    It seems that I spray 5 light coats then take 3 cotton pads and dip each in 1 of the 3 acrylic paints and dab on top of the 5 coats of spray paint. At this point it seems that applying that paint will some how take the spray paint off and then I would sponge paint the acrylic paint back on... I don't understand how I am supposed to take the spray paint off, with another cotton pad? By patting/rubbing/wiping or dabbing the acrylic paint I just put on, does that take some spray paint off as well? If so, then I should sponge the gold and black on and Im done! Could I just use one of the acrylic colors to help remove the spray paint or do I need to let it dry for a few minutes causing parts of it to dry and would not wipe of easily, adding to the depth of the piece?

    Im so sorry if I am the only one who doesn't get this. I just really would like to achieve the look you got! Thanks for any insight you can provide for me!!

  14. Replies
    1. These will definitely NOT be safe to drink out of

  15. Hello! After painting does this effect stay last? I mean after washing (of course not dishwasher) ?
    Thank you for great idea!!!


  17. Want to know if it's safe to drink from