April 12, 2011

Beauty Products, Cosmetics, Hair Products, Oh My!

I don't know about you, but I find buying cosmetics, beauty products, skin care products and hair products very overwhelming.  There is just so much to choose from!  As I stand helpless in the aisle of the grocery store, browsing over various products and brands...I find myself comparing them not only by price, but by the label and whether the packaging is appealing or not. 

I have decided to share my current products with all of you, in hopes that you will share some of your favorites with us.  Here are the products that I am currently using and liking...


  1. loving the 'you don't know Jacques!' nail lacquer ;)

  2. I use purpose cleansing wash every day. Recently I went to NYC and picked up some travel size products at Sephora. I am in love with Philosophy facial cleanser. Try it. It is light and leaves my skin feeling so great!

  3. I have the same blush from Mac. I love it. And I'm really loving 7 serium from 7 salon, I got from Seattle trip. I put it in my hair while it's still damp, and it gets all my tangles right out. Love your list of great products!


  4. I used to have like eight different shampoos & conditioners in my shower at all times, because I'd get suckered into their little spiels on the back of the bottle.

    Then, one day I used Jason's "Pert Plus" and it made my hair feel great! So now, we just have ONE bottle in the shower between the two of us : )

  5. That's the same shampoo/conditioner I use. And I swear by bare minerals :)

    I just started using bumble and bumble shampoos too... wonderful but a little pricey.

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