February 21, 2011

Dumpster Divin'

I have always wanted bar stools, but they can be pricey and I haven't been able to justify purchasing any.  Matt made my day when he walked in the door yesterday with these bar stools!  Now here's the catch and please don't think less of me - he got them from the dumpster!  Okay, so they weren't exactly in the dumpster...just sitting right next to it.  One man's junk is another man's treasure!

Speaking of one man's junk being another man's treasure...there is more.  Yep I found even more junk, I mean...treasures that still have me giggling with excitement.  We found some great bargains this weekend while looking for a picture frame to make into a gift for a friend.  We hit up some thrift stores and ended up leaving with our hands full.  No picture frame in hand (oops!)

Here are my bangin' bargain buys that I am hoping will inspire you to thrift next time you are in need of a little something. Why pay more when you can pay less?! (I think that quote is from a Payless commercial).

  • Table runner - $4.00
  •  Restoration Hardware pillar candle holders - $5.00 for the pair  
  • Three brass candlestick holders - $2.50 for all 3                                              
Thinking I am set for life on candle holders.
Now, for the most random scores of the day and I apologize if you are thinking "why do I care about your stupid bargains?"  If you know me, then you know that I go crazy for a good deal and love to share it with others.  One time I went to Macy's and bought like 6 hand bags from the sale bin. No they weren't all for me. Just one. I gave the rest away as gifts. Back to my point (my bargain buys):
  • Tecnica Ski Boots (in my size) - $20  I honestly don't know much about ski boots, but Matt informed me that they sell for around $400 - $500. I did a google search on them and they are pretty dang expensive.  I used to ski years ago, but switched to snowboarding and have been wanting to get back into skiing so this was the perfect excuse to buy them.
  • Burton Snowboard Boots (in Matt's size) - $40 As we were standing in line to check out, there was a box of men's Burton snowboarding boots in the book section. Never used. Matt prefers to ski, but also owns a snowboard.  Oddly enough he doesn't have boots to go with the board? So we added those to pile. 
Our trip to Goodwill ended up costing more than a penny - a pretty penny is more like it!  What makes me laugh though - if we would have gone into that Goodwill looking specifically for ski boots and snowboard boots...not a chance that we would have found what we were looking for in our size. It's always when you least expect it. One of those funny little joys in life that I hope will inspire you to refuse to pay full price and go bargain hunting instead (or dumpster diving)!


  1. Girl! Those bar stools are awesome. I love em!! And we have such similar blog nav bars hehe xoxo

  2. Those bar stools are pretty legit. Got to love a great deal (or free)!

  3. Wow, those stools are gorgeous!! I was just thinking about writing a dumpster-diving post, too... for Jason & I, it all started when he came home with an entire set of ceramic plates & bowls that were sitting next to the dumpster. Two years later, we've collected two chairs, a small end-table, & a bookcase as well!

    Nice score on the boots; that's amazing!

  4. I came over to comment today and I know I already commented on this one but I never knew you scored the ski boots too!! Amazing. And of course I don't mind about the nav bars silly goose!! xoxoxo

  5. Nice work to both you and digs!! He told me about the boots, which is a super steal. Gotta save the money for the thrift store "expense" trip to D-town! Gottem.

  6. Kelley- Nice find on the boots! I just switched back to skiing again this year and I LOVE IT! I kind of now wish I had never switched to snowboarding so that I could be better at skiing.