January 29, 2011

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I wanted to share a little sneak peak into some of my initial conceptual ideas for a space I am currently designing. It is going to be a "brainstorming room" and the client would like it to be a comfortable and playful space that inspires creativity and innovation. Notice the light bulb light fixture?! (Get it?) If not, e-mail me privately and I will explain. Hehe. This was my first take on the space and I had fun playing with colors and finding fun furnishings such as the fatboy lounge bag (pictured lower right corner). They come in a bunch of different colors and are a modern take on the bean bag. I could have used one of these in my college dorm room! I have also been looking for an excuse to showcase a chalkboard wall. I am obsessed with the idea of an entire wall painted in, well, black! What better source to stir up some creative thoughts than an entire wall that you can write, draw or doodle all over. I am also specifying a whiteboard wall for those who despise the idea of a dark, messy wall. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

Anyway, what are your thoughts on a blackboard wall vs. a whiteboard wall?
I prefer both.


  1. You are so inspiring! I wish I had your creativity and taste :) I vote for the blackboard wall.
    Crissie Olson

  2. Take a look at Idea Paint... it's the coolest thing... it's a really durable paint, but it's a whiteboard. I use it all the time in projects and people absolutely love it!

  3. Very cool. Where are you doing this brainstorm room at? PS I just looked at your portfolio, it looks really good! I like the layout of it. We should catch up soon, its been too long!

  4. I think the blackboard would mesh better with the overall style you've chosen, but a whiteboard would reflect light better. Form vs. function battle, as usual : )

    LOVE the bare-bulb chandelier! So clever. Where is it from?

    Hope you post pictures of the room when it's done!

  5. Oh, this is very fun! I like chalkboard wall better.

  6. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your comments and feedback!

    To answer your questions:
    - This project is an office design in Ashland.
    - The light bulb chandelier is from Pottery Barn.