January 8, 2011

In a Nutshell

This about sums up exactly what I want in a great room. The rustic wood beams, bookshelves, over sized simple iron chandelier, long farm table and that corridor in the background with a stone wall and sliding glass doors - Love, love, love. This room has such a comfortable and effortless feel, but is done in a wonderfully chic way. I like that this room isn't defined by one "theme." It is so easy to stick to one theme when decorating, such as a "cowboy theme." That would be too obvious though. They have combined elements of rustic, contemporary, old world European and farmhouse which have been rolled into one glamorous rustic retreat that is completely unexpected.
Below are some of my favorite photos of this
house, which was featured in Elle Decor.
Go here for even more photos.

Source: Elle Decor


  1. I seriously just downloaded every picture into my "Future house inspiration folder."

    And I've just got to add that I love those pink flowers in the first room. They match with nothing, but they pull the whole thing together!

    And the gray-stained wood in the living room, and the bunk beds, and the fireplace...!

  2. I completely agree with you on the pink flowers. They are totally opposite from everything else in the room, but that unexpected pop of color makes it interesting and does bring the whole room together. It's safe to say I am basically obsessed with this entire house.

  3. I love this home too. I could imagine living there.