November 2, 2010


A friend gave us a weekend trip to Seattle as a wedding present...great idea right?! We were so anxious to go that we decided to take the train up north in search of some R&R this past weekend. Not only did we rest and relax, we also ate. A lot. I realized this while browsing through the photos I took this weekend. So many pictures of food! I guess you could say I was impressed with some of the food spots we found? I thought I would share with you where we went in case you happen to venture to Seattle.  
Assaggio Ristorante

2010 4th Ave.
(206) 441-1399
I felt as though I was back in Italy again. I couldn't get enough of margarita pizza while in Italy and haven't been able to find anything similar in the states...until now! Great authentic Italian food in a warm and cozy restaurant buzzing with regulars being greeted by the owner. Truly an Italian experience found in Seattle! 

Daily Dozen Doughnut Co.
Pike Place Market
Every time I come to Seattle, these are the first thing on my mind. We indulged on a dozen assorted (Sprinkle, cinnamon & sugar, plain & powdered sugar) doughnuts for only $3.69, plus tax. I don't really know if that is a good deal, but I convince myself it is so I don't feel as guilty :)

Pike Place Chowder
Post Alley at Pike Place
Arguably the best clam chowder ever. The sourdough bread bowl and creamy chowder are a perfect pair.

I realize that the above eateries are not the healthiest of food spots, but well worth the calories my friends!

For a healthy alternative, check out the Pike Place Farmers Market - a bounty of fresh fruit, veggies and fish.


  1. That clam chowder is the best!

  2. Hi! I love your pictures from Seattle. They are gorgeous and looks like you had a blast!