October 25, 2010

DIY Gift Box

- tape
- scissors
- paper grocery bag (preferably the one you shoved under the kitchen sink)
- gift box (any old thing will do because you will be covering it!)

For those of you who like to take something old and make it new, this is for YOU! (Yes, I know that rhymes...sorry I couldn't help myself!)  For this gift box, I decided to wrap the lid in paper and leave the bottom as is, but you can also cover both with paper. 

1.  Cut a large piece from a brown paper bag.
2.  Place the top side of the lid down on the paper.
3.  Begin folding the brown paper over the sides of the lid and fold in at the corners.
4.  Tape down the paper on the inside of the lid.  
5.  Finish with a pretty bow or write a message on the brown paper lid. 

Photos taken by me courtesy of my mom's camera


  1. Cute! I think I'll do this with old newspaper comics for Christmas : )

  2. I like where your head's at April - great idea!