September 9, 2010

DIY Wedding Card Box

Step 1: Supplies I found around the house (I didn't have to go out & buy anything!)
Step 2:  The finished wood box, made by my Dad.

Step 3:  String the ribbon across, attach the clothes pins and handwritten letters on card stock and you've got the finished product!

{The story behind this box}
I wanted to share one of my easy and inexpensive wedding crafts with all of you! It started with an inspiration picture that I found of a card box for wedding guests to place their cards in. I started looking around my parents house for any type of 'fruit box' or something luck. Turns out my dad had some leftover wood scraps that would work perfectly. He immediately started crafting my box and was finished after only 15 minutes! I then added the ribbon, clothes pins and handwritten letters on card-stock (items that I found around the house). ALL DONE!

Photos taken by Kelley.

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